In an effort to help Sonoma County residents commit to making exercise a priority, the iWALK Challenge is back. It starts March 4 and runs for 10 weeks to May 11.

To be part of this movement to make our community healthier, all you have to do is:
• COMMIT to get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week for ten weeks. Any type of exercise counts so do what you enjoy.
• REGISTER online at http://www.iwalksonoma.org and click on “iWALK Challenge”.
• TRACK your minutes by downloading the Personal Fitness Tracker (or use your favorite app like myfitnesspal or mapmywalk).
• INVITE friends, family or co-workers to join you because like most things, the iWALK Challenge is more fun with friends.
• DO IT! The Challenge goes March 4th through May 11th. You may even want to use the iWALK Challenge to prepare to walk or run the Human Race for your favorite nonprofit on May 11.

After ten weeks of committed exercise, you might just have a new healthy habit. It’s all part of Health Action’s vision of making Sonoma County the healthiest county in California.

“Only half of Californians get the recommended two and a half hours of moderate activity per week,” said Laurel Chambers, physical activity specialist with the Network for a Healthy California—Northcoast Region.  “Walking is a fun and free way to get active on your own or with family and friends.”

Questions? Send an email to info@iwalksonoma.org.

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