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Healthy Changes on the North Coast

Did you know you can use CalFresh benefits at Farmers’ Market AND CSAs?

With spring turning to summer, a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables begin popping up at Farmers’ Markets, family picnics and summer barbecues. You can look forward to juicy watermelon, flavor-bursting peaches, plump berries, crispy cucumbers, and – everyone’s favorite – the vine ripened tomato! Sonoma County prides itself as being an innovative leader in the areas of health promotion and disease prevention. As part of a community initiative and commitment to provide access to healthy locally grown food, many… Read More »

Family Bicycling Workshops Help Parents and Kids Cycle Safely, with Confidence

Seventeen parents & children attended Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition’s first in a series of FREE Family Bicycling Workshop on Saturday April 19th, at Roseland Elementary School.  The workshops, one of the Coalition’s Safe Routes to School program offerings, provide parents and their kids the opportunity to gain bicycling skills and confidence in a fun, safe and supervised environment. “I was excited about the opportunity to take a bicycle safety class with my entire family.” said Dominga Gonzalez, who brought her… Read More »

New Hospital Practices Supporting Increased Breastfeeding

Sonoma County hospitals are increasingly supporting bonding and breastfeeding.  With new hospital policies and practices, families go home with a new story to share:  Imagine a new baby letting out a small cry of surprise as it travels into its mother’s arms for the first time.  The cold, bright outside world is full of strangers and new sensations.  However, mom’s chest is immediately soothing – warm, radiating familiar scent, and playing a familiar sound with the rhythm of her heart… Read More »

Celebrating “I Love Walk & Roll to School” Poetry/Essay contest winners

Mark West Elementary student Carson Hay wasn’t positive he was going to be able to get up in front of 50 plus audience members and read the poem that received honorable mention in Sonoma County Safe Routes to School’s 2nd Annual “I Love Walk & Roll to School” poetry/essay contest – but he overcame his trepidation and read his entry with aplomb. As did thirteen other students who shared their writing at a celebratory reception hosted by the Sonoma County… Read More »

Having A Night Out, Friends Over?

The Truth about “Drink Responsibly”:  Enlightenment in an Alcohol Friendly Culture What makes for a good meal out, or a nice evening at home with friends?  More and more people are making socially conscious decisions, aligning their hearts, minds and pocketbooks.  In Sonoma County, for example, being in an agriculturally rich part of the world, restaurants that offer local, organic food are gaining in popularity, and specialty food stores are all the rage.  Our county also offers a bounty of… Read More »

Start With Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Life

  Are you forgetting something?   If you’re like most folks, you sometimes forget that health doesn’t stop at the mouth.  Your teeth,  tongue and gums all need daily attention to keep them working for you. Brushing teeth and tongue with fluoride toothpaste at least 2 times each day is a great foundation for dental health.  But only flossing gives your gums the workout they need to keep fit and functional.  Make these activities part of your daily routine. Dental… Read More »

Health Starts with Prevention – Stay Up To Date on Immunizations

This month, as we are finally seeing some rain, there is hope not only for beautiful May Flowers, but also for great health.  The vitality of our land brings us great nutrition, physical wellbeing and a reminder of what kind of healthy communities we want to live in and sustain.  We must help by taking action in Public Health; Preventing, Promoting, and Protecting our communities.  One of the best ways to protect our children, loved ones and greater community members,… Read More »

LOVE STARTS HERE: With an Itty Bitty Dog License Tag

Most conversations about dog licensing start here: “Do I have to get my dog licensed?” The short answer is, “Yes, you do. The County of Sonoma and each of the 9 cities in Sonoma County require annual licenses for all dogs 4 months and older.” But licensing is way warmer and fuzzier than complying with the law. The best reason to get your best friend a license is also the simplest: it’s because you love her or him. Your dog’s… Read More »

Start Here: Do One Thing TODAY for Disaster Preparedness

It’s on your mind.  You’ve read about the 5.1 earthquake in Southern California last week.  You think about what you might do if the earthquake hits here.  Maybe you’ve got enough food and drinks in your house to get by for a few days.  Maybe you’ve built in some other preparedness tasks into your life—you change the batteries in smoke and CO2 alarms each year, or you’ve contacted an out-of-area person to call when local phones are out.  Maybe it’s… Read More »

The “Ultimate Cardio-Dance Workout Experience” Coming to Santa Rosa

In these days of healthcare reform, the upcoming World Dance Tour puts a whole new spin on finding new and improved ways of caring for one’s health. Billed as the “Ultimate Cardio-Dance Workout Experience,” the Tour pulls together instructors who teach a variety of cardio dance styles into a club-like environment. Guests are encouraged to wear exercise shoes and clothing and experience dance beats from around the world during the 3-hour tour. The event is sponsored by Body Déjà Vu… Read More »